Leap of Faith, But Black Your Eye

When I’m exhausted or even when my back is hurting, I love laying in the floor. For some reason, it helps me feel a little better. It helps align my back and just feels good when I’m tired. After a long day, it is one of my first go to’s when I get home from work. It helps me rest for what’s coming that evening.

However, now that I have kids, when I lie in the floor it is inevitably interrupted by both of them wanting to wrestle. I’ve essential become a jungle gym. It never once has bothered me because it is one way I can distract them from mom. My kids want mommy more than daddy, so anytime I can steal them away and spend a little time with them, I’m all for it.

Eliana is our fearless one. No counter is to high, no shelf is out of reach for this little one. She sees them not as limitations, but as obstacles in her way to what she wants and she will stop at nothing to get it. She loves chips and will go to any lengths to climb into the cupboard and get her favorite snack.

Eliana also loves to play a game where she stands on my chest, while I’m laying in the floor. She, then, plank falls over my head so that I catch her in my outstretched arms. I keep my arms above my head to catch her because I’m afraid she would leap even if I didn’t. She trusts me to catch her every time.

I love playing this game with her because she giggles the entire time. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, spend time with a child and make them laugh, I promise the cares will melt away, even if it’s just for a moment. It becomes an addiction to make them laugh again.

I’m not proud to say this, but there have been a couple of times where I couldn’t keep her from hitting the ground. Sure, I broke her fall and kept her from serious injury. However, she fell in the wrong direction once. I got my arm under her before she hit the ground, but she rolled off and smacked her face on the rug. Another time, we were playing and she was just jumping up and down on me practicing her balance. All of the sudden, she leaped without warning and my arms weren’t there. I broke her fall, but she hit her head on the tile floor. It wasn’t enough to bruise or give her a bump on her forehead, but just enough to garner tears and daddy feeling horrible.

What I’ve come to realize is God’s arms are always there to catch us when we leap in the direction he is calling us too. It may even seem like we’ve fallen flat on our face or sometimes we leap in the wrong direction. Neither  instances mean that God isn’t present and He can’t be trusted in the future.

The first, oftentimes, means we either leapt too early or God did let us fall so that He could mend us and build trust. As Jesus followers, we sometimes get in a rush to go where we feel like God is leading us that we miss out on the development that He wants to do in our lives in our current situation. I think it’s why God only gives us a step or two at a time. He wants to develop character and trust in us. If we saw the whole picture, it would most likely scare us. It’s ok to go slow and develop into who God wants you to be. In the meantime, worship God. Worship is how we build trust and it’s how we show trust in God.

The second, leaping in the wrong direction, happens when we trust our ability more than we trust the hand of God. If we don’t take time to see God, to worship Him, and we blindly leap in a direction, How can we expect the Father to catch us? Yes, God loves us enough to soften the blow, but in those instances we are the ones at fault. Yet, every time we fall and we fail, we blame God. Sometimes it is our fault and other times it’s God testing us.

In ancient times, a blacksmith would sit next to a fire with molten gold or silver in a crucible. They would stir it to bring up any impurities and then skim the impurities off the top. Once this was finished, they would be left with almost pure gold (99.99%).

God tests us so that he can refine us. Will we ever be 100% perfect? Not here on Earth, but once we get to heaven we will be made perfect.

“For the sake of my name I delay my wrath, and for my praise I restrain it for you, in order not to cut you off. ‘Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.’” Isaiah 48:9-11

Think about when you wash your clothes. It isn’t the simple act of adding water and laundry detergent that cleans the clothes. It’s the tumbling or the agitator in the middle of the wash basin that beats against the clothes to help them release the dirt. Did you catch that? The agitator. The clothes have to be agitated enough to become clean.

The tough moments in life are a way for us to be agitated enough to change who we are and our dependence on God. There are times God always us to be test because it is the only way He can get our attention. The plans are never to harm us. This process is just an opportunity for God to help us get out some of the impurities in our lives so we can draw even closer to Him.

Eliana still loves to fall and have daddy catch her. I am now more alert when she is standing on me that she could leap at any moment and in any direction. And every time, I am there to catch her and to laugh with her. God is near and ready any moment you leap. Just stay close so you know what direction His arms are leading you. And then wait and listen for Him to say when it’s safe to leap. And if you fall, don’t be angry with God. See it for what it is, an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and brush off some of the impurities. Then, one day you’ll be able to stand before the Father 100% you.

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